Watch how 2-year old Isaac reading the English High Frequency Words!
FREE LITERACY WORKSHOP on 25th May 2019, 10am to 11.30am
**** Parents with child 18 months to 6 years old ****  
Dear Parents,

Would you like your kids to be able to read English and Chinese fluently?

What if I tell you, you could get them to learn their foundation or to improve it for FREE for the first time?

Yes, you heard it right.

We are offering a one-time FREE Chinese/English literacy workshop that will last for one and a half hour this Saturday.

Date: 25 May 2019, Saturday, 10am to 11.30am

All you have to do is to bring your child down for the learning session. ZERO additional fees and receive a set of English Chinese High Frequency word cards, just come down and see what they can learn!

P.S - Available on first come first serve basis only

Call us at 8686 0099 to book the slot. See you on the 25th!
2019 Enrolment
ATTENTION: Parents with 18 month - 6 year olds

Here are two major considerations you need to read before sending your 2-5 year old to preschool.

1. Speed Of Language Development.
How fast is your child developing his speaking, writing and reading abilities? The quicker your child is able to get a handle on literacy, the wider knowledge he’ll be allowed to access at an early age!  

2. Healthy Learning Environment
In Singapore’s competitive landscape, ensuring that your child starts building an “eager-to-learn” spirit can make the difference if your child is planning excel in a reputable primary school. Come and find out how we cultivate an early brilliance in each of our children, call now to schedule an appointment to visit Smart Kids Educare and see how our preschoolers build strong literacy abilities and overcome new challenges effectively. 

Click on the Learn More button to register and we will contact you soon. 

Elfin Loh
Founder and Programme Director 
Smart Kids Educare

Be sure to RSVP by clicking on the link below to register and we will contact you soon.  Thank You
**** Parents with child 18 months to 6 years old ****  
Smart Kids Educare LLP
9 Jalan Jarak, Singapore 809173
Masters Degree in Community Leadership and Social Development (MCLSD)
Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood Care and Education (BA Hons ECCE)
Diploma in Pre-School Education - Leadership (DPL)
Diploma in Early Childhood Care and Education - Teaching (DPT)
Certificate in Western Art
Elfin Loh is the Founder and Programme Director of Smart Kids Educare, offering childcare services to children aged from 18 months to 6 years old. The centre has been up and running from 2007 to which she assumed the role of Principal after completing her Leadership training in 2009. She was also the Founder and Director of a playgroup school, My Smart Baby Pte Ltd, that has its own unique brain-stimulating curriculum. Elfin has a long employment history spanning for three decades, and directly associated with children for a decade. 

She holds a Masters Degree in Community Leadership and Social Development (MCLSD) from SIM University; a Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood Care and Education from the University of Warwick, UK. and a Diploma in Pre-School Education - Leadership from KLC International Institute. In addition, she holds a Certificate in Western Art from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA) plus several teaching certificates to conduct enrichment programmes for children such as Music and Movement, Speech and Drama and Creative Writing. 

Elfin engages in giving back to the community through voluntary programmes. As part of HOPE Worldwide Singapore, she is an active volunteers serving at numerous projects such as cleaning the homes of seniors who live alone, cleaning the old Singapore Leprosy Relief Association (SILRA) home among other projects. She is also an active member of the Grassroots organization with the People’s Association (PA) in Singapore leading several community projects to serve the residents of Cheng San-Seletar Community Club and Seletar Hills East Neighbourhood Committee. Being passionate in visual arts herself, she leads an active monthly Artistry Interest Group for residents to gather and paint on canvas in the pavilion at Selaseh Park. 

Elfin’s story is one of hard work and dedication, serving at her best for the community and children. She incorporates problem-solving, leadership, organization, decision-making and communication skills in the delivery of quality services to children. As a mother to a teenage girl, she too has walked in those shoes and knows how important it is to nurture a child from their tender age. Assisting children to develop holistically, to become all rounded students is more than a mere profession. To Elfin, it is a calling that she engages in with passion, enthusiasm and determination.
Smart Kids Educare Singapore started operation since 2007. The childcare centre is in a cottage-style semi-detached house located within the quiet and peaceful precinct of Seletar Hills East private estate along Yio Chu Kang road, the Northeastern part of Singapore. Over the years, children who had graduated after three to five years of spending their preschool education with us usually do pretty well in their primary school education and beyond. We credit that to the strong foundation we strive to build in them during their early years with us.  

Among our alumni, we have the talented Deborah who was selected to be in the School of The Arts, which requires stringent selection process in order to enter the Arts specialized secondary school. She won several awards in the rhythmic gymnastic competition and travels internationally for her dance competition. Recently, Sonata Dancewear even awarded her with a one-year scholarship program. 

We have the highly intelligent Kayden Yoo and Stephen Mills who are selected to be part of the Gifted Educational Programme by the Ministry of Education in Singapore. Stephen who is also musically inclined wins several awards every year for his drum routine and piano recital.

We have the creative in problem-solving Dean Chua, together with his team mates, who won the 1st Runner up in a Lego Competition at Science Centre.  They did research, added gears and automation parts with coding skills for their New Water Plant project.

We have a handful of children who also took part in the Stanford-Binet Educational Cognitive Assessments (IQ Testing) and scored in the Very Superior Intelligence range and above, out of which, four are accepted to join as members of Mensa.
Our Philosophy

At Smart Kids Educare,

We believe that home is the first place of learning.
Therefore, together with parents as the primary educators, 
we collaborate as partners in educating the child. 

We believe that the 
first six years of a child’s life are the most 
critical learning years 
and children will enjoy active learning experiences. 

Our Mission
To provide the best care for preschool children in a safe and nurturing environment that fosters a solid foundation to support academic, social and emotional development for their lifelong success.

We provide 
Holistic Education 
for young children, 
with activities that are
Play-Learning and 
Brain-Stimulating to engage the Whole Child.

Our Vision

To be the recognised leader in the preschool industry, providing a unique blend of educational programs that are fun-doing, play-learning and 

To build a strong foundation for 
school success 
in young children, 
to Explore, 
to Express and 
to Excel in their Lifelong Learning Journey. 

Our Values

There are 5 pillars in the Core Values of our organisation, we called them the 
5Cs Core Values, namely

1. Child First
2. Collaborative Partnership 

3. Culture of 

4. Code of 
Professional Conduct

5. Community Spirit

Our Whole-Child Approach Curriculum
Provides Young Children with learning opportunities through activities that are FUN-DOING, PLAY-LEARNING and BRAIN-STIMULATING so as to engage the WHOLE CHILD. 
Our Unique Blend of Whole-Child Approach Holistic Curriculum has been carefully crafted 
to include the best of both academic and non-academic subjects.
Our Whole-Child Approach Holistic Curriculum includes:
  • English Literacy
  •  Chinese Literacy
  •  Technology Literacy
  •  Wonders of the World 
  •  Numeracy
  •  Montessori Education 
  •  Arts Education
  •  Encyclopedic Knowledge
  •  Improve Memory Activities
  •  IQ Problem-Solving Skills Activities
English Language 
Literacy is the ability to read and write, listen and speak. In today's fast-moving world, it is critical that students develop the literacy skills they need to be able to read, write, think and communicate effectively.

The English Language lesson uses phonics-based approach to help children master Reading, Writing and Spelling in English; Sight Words Recognition (which includes High Frequency Words as well as Words that do not follow basic phonics principles to be ‘sounded out’).

Show and Tell is a common expression about showing an audience something and telling them about it, this teach children the skills of Public Speaking; and using Short Stories to teach Critical Thinking and Communication Skills.  
Chinese Language
Chinese has 5,000 years of history and come with it the complicated Chinese Language. In order to master the Chinese Language, we break it down to various simpler foundational components for children to learn such as 

• Hanyu Pinyin (汉语拼音) 
for better Pronunciation;
• Pianpang Bushou (偏旁部首) 
the Chinese Radicals;
• Bishun Bihua (笔顺笔画) 
the order of Chinese Strokes;
• Shige Erge (诗歌儿歌) 
the Ancient Poetry and Chinese Culture;
• Shizi Yuedu (识字阅读) 
to read Chinese Characters fluently.

The Chinese Language lesson uses the strategy of Singing Rhymes and Dramatization to enhance the learning experience of reading and writing new vocabularies.
of the World
Discovery of the World helps children widen their knowledge and acquire the essential skills and understanding to make sense of the world around them.

As children Observe, Compare, Classify, Predict, Experiment and Communicate, they develop these Process Skills that are necessary for their future learning.

Montessori -
Learning Mathematical concepts in Montessori begins concretely and progresses towards the abstract. Children will get to manipulate with the concrete materials and learn concepts about Linear Counting, Number Symbol, Sequence, Place Value, Decimal System, Geometry, Fractions as well as the process of Addition, Subtraction and Multiplication, Division etc.

Working on Montessori materials bring about Character Development such as independence, self-discipline, patience, sense of responsibility and concentration as they learn to self-help in choosing what they would like to work with, take the tray and put it back after working on it.
Montessori - Practical Life
Montessori uses concrete hands-on materials to learn abstract concepts. The materials are set out properly on the shelves under different subjects such as Practical Life, Sensorial and Culture. 

Practical Life activities help children learn how to care for themselves and their environment. These activities help the child to become more independent, leading to greater self-confidence, and the ability to face new challenges. Practical Life exercises include lessons in grace and courtesy, care for self, and care for the environment. The purpose of these activities is to enhance co-ordination, concentration, independence, and indirectly prepare children for writing and reading. Activities often include cleaning, scooping, pouring, folding.
Montessori - Sensorial
Sensorial materials were designed by Doctor Maria Montessori to help children express and classify their sensory experiences. The purpose of sensorial activities is to aid in the development of the intellectual senses of the child, which develops the ability to observe and compare with precision. There are sensorial materials that focus on visual perception, tactile impressions, auditory sense, and olfactory and taste perceptions. Activities often include matching and grading materials that isolate the sense of sight, sound, touch, taste and smell.

Technology literacy is the ability to effectively use technology to access, evaluate, integrate, create and communicate information to enhance the learning process through problem-solving and critical thinking.

The world is full of conductive objects & materials. We will make musical circuits with everyday materials such as liquids, fruits, low-cost office supplies and we get to design our own controller and get control our favorite game while we learn to code.

Dance & Music 
To enhance children exposure to arts education, we incorporate dance movement and music into early childhood education. This can help young children with development, social interaction and language growth. 

Where possible, we will also seek opportunity to attend public performances for children to handle fear and cultivating confidence when standing before an audience.
Motor Skills Development
The learning goals for Motor Skills Development focus on the need to help children develop both fine and gross motor skills which affect their physical fitness, agility and body coordination.
Improve Memory Games
Most memory games 
encourage quiet concentration. 

Playing memory games exercise the brain, making it more sharp and alert. 

The more you play, the better you get. 
IQ Problem-Solving Games
Through recent discoveries and understanding of how young children are able to learn very quickly, the MSB Brain-Development classes are geared towards integrating various learning sensitivities of little children. Empowering them with important skills to build strong solid foundation in the hope for an easier life-long learning journey as they grow up.  

We include IQ Problem-Solving activities to train children to have better concentration, increase brain reflection speed and achieve greater mind fitness.
Using flashcards as tools for children to learn wide range of Encyclopedic Knowledge. It aims at sustaining children’s natural curiosity to explore the world and lays the foundation for learning in geography, history and science. 

Example of topics include:
Countries and Flags of the World;
Famous Artists and their Works;
Great Scientists and Explorers;
Different type of Animals;
Species of Dogs, Cats, Dinosaurs;
Our Universe and Galaxies;
Solar System and Planets;
English Grammar and Vocabularies;
Punctuations, Nouns, Verbs, Adjectives, Compound Words, etc

Family Bonding
As early childhood educator, we believe in play and know how play is very important to children.  Thus, advocating play as a medium where parents can also become playful with their children.

Family time together can help children feel valued and create great memories for them when they’re all grown up.

Thus, we organised activities and events for "Family Bonding with Your Child"
as a PLAYtime! opportunities for the whole family to form stronger parent-child relationships.

Outdoor Learning
Quarterly, we bring children out on a learning journey to discover the great outdoors and to facilitate holistic learning
by creating meaningful outdoor experiences.
Artist In School
In collaboration with professional artist to come in regularly to conduct quality arts programmes, thus nurture positive attitudes in children towards learning in and through the arts.
"Intelligence plus character - that is the goal of true education."
~ Martin Luther King, Jr. ~
At 5, Jermel Was Still Not Reading, 6 Months After, He Could Read Independently!

“Jermel joined Smart Kids only at 5 and did not even know the alphabet. Just 6 months into the programme, he began reading simple reader and by the time he graduated, he was competent reader in both Chinese and English."

Mrs Toh, 
Jermel’s mum
Quan Yi 's ‘questioning’ mind

"The school encourages their children to seek knowledge and believes that every child has unlimited potential. It is with this belief and his teacher’s relentless efforts which helped Quanyi to develop a questioning mind. To be honest, there are many times when I am dumbfounded with his questions such as ‘Why is the sun hot?’ “Why is the sea water salty?”

Jennifer Chang, 
Quan Yi’s Mum
Ryan was exposed to Science knowledge.

"Ryan enjoyed learning in Smart Kids. He was exposed to different knowledge such as science, foreign languages etc. He already know solar system at the age of 4. He learnt lots through playing. The school allows kids to develop their love for learning. Good exposure to different knowledge at young age."  

Ryan’s Mum
Kai Jie Score 99.9% For His Recent IQ Assessment…Even Though Only 3, He’s Able To Clearly Communicate His Ideas!

"My 3-year old son has turned out more ‘advanced’ …. Volunteers to explain how volcanoes are formed, and he does so clearly in his own simple terms."

Mrs Tan, 
Kai Jie’s Mum
5-years Old Meha Picked Up A New Language & Regularly Communicates With Her Chinese Neighbour In Mandarin!

"Meha joined Smart Kids when she was 3. By 5, she was able to communicate in Chinese with our Chinese neighbour, even though she doesn't speak Chinese at home at all. Our neighbour even remarked that she can communicate to her better than her own grandson!”

Dr Bala, 
Mehadarsin’s Dad
Reading Over 800 Chinese Words & Able To Read Primary School English Books Before 5 Years old!

"Jaeden joins Smart Kids when he was just 22 months old and could not even utter a single word. However, just barely 6 months into the Smart Kids Bilingual Programme, Jaeden made amazing progress in his phonemic awareness and was able to independently read both English and Chinese by the time he turned 3, and at 5, he was already reading over 800 Chinese words, and reading primary school textbooks." 

Mrs Lin, 
Jaeden’s Mum 
Amelia is Ready For 
Primary 1!

  "The teachers take a keen interest to ensure that the child learns well. Children are all friendly and confident which reflects on the conducive environment. My child has grown into a confident girl and has matured over the recent years, and has forged good friendship in this school. She is ready for 
Primary 1. She is confident and able to speak and socialise well. "

Dawn, Amelia’s Mum
Scores 100% For St. Nicholas Primary One Math Exam 

“Ning En scores band 1 for all subjects in her recent examination and 100% for Math..”

Mrs Teo, 
Zhang Ning En’s Mum
Learnt Complex Topics & Subjects Without Stress!

“I loved it that my children learned so much in a short period without having to go through stressful moments of doing homework.”

Sharifah, Ahmad’s Mum
Dean Progress Well, Learn and Excel in All aspects.

"Dean had progressed well during his 3.5 years in Smart Kids. He was given all the opportunities to learn and excel in all aspects from knowledge to physical education. It’s really amazing to hear Dean talk about school and what he had learnt in school."

Jolene, Dean’s Mum
Well-Prepared And Adjusted Very Quickly For Primary School!

“Kayden has just started primary 1 and from the briefing from his school, I think the childcare has done a very good job in preparing him academically. The exposure provided in various activities and competition and care from the school has also enabled him to grow emotionally into a secure and confident boy such that he adjusted very quickly in his new environment.”

Poh Lian, Kayden’s Mum
Even Though English Was Deha’s Foreign Language After Just 9 Months, He Was Writing And Reading It!

"He likes his school and teachers. I have almost no difficulty to taking him to school. He likes to go to his school, it gives a feeling of a real home. Deha developed skills on writing and reading. Before school, he couldn't write a single word. He can make up nice stories by simply looking at the pictures."

Turan Solmaz 
Deha Solmaz's Dad 
(Now back at Istanbul)
KidsSTOP Science Skit
Show n Tell Competition

KidsSTOP organised a Show and Tell Competition in 2016 and the Kindergarten children won 1st Prize for their skit performance on Marine Conservation about the threat face by the marine life in the ocean. It was very exciting to see them having so much fun along the way especially with the bubbles, flapping the waves and seeing the smoke effect by the dry ice and red light.
Children's Haiku 

JAL Foundation 14th World Children's Haiku Contest in 2016 on the theme "Morning" where 6-year old Marcus Ong was given a special prize by the Regional Manager of Japan Airlines. 

His poem depicted his usual morning routine of drinking from his milk bottle while lying on his back.
SHENC Mid-Autumn 

 Children did a Chinese Dance Performance at the SHENC Mid-Autumn Festival 2016 to Wang Fei's song 
"Dan yuan ren chang jiu"

The girls showed their graceful ribbon dance skills while the boys danced with the red big round lantern.
Grandparent's and Children's Day Celebration

The Kindergarten children performed a dance energetically to Shakira's Waka Waka to welcome Prime Minister 
Lee Hsien Loong at the
Grandparent's and Children's Day Celebration in 2014. 
NEA Road Show
at Selaseh Park

In 2011, NEA did a Road Show at Jalan Selaseh to raise awareness of the threats of the dengue disease caused by Aedes mosquito. 

We pitch in and debut an original cute little fun Anti-Dengue Skit for the event.

We are proud to say, 
our skit was well liked by everyone and and it was the talk of the day.

Ministerial Visit @ 
Greenwich V

In 2012, during the Ministerial Visit at the newly opened Greenwich V, we presented everyone's favourite Anti-Dengue Dance Skit to welcome 
Transport Minister 
Mr Lui Tuck Yew and we were featured in the Chinese Paper the next year.
PAssionArts Festival
at Bishan Park

In 2017, during the PAssionArts Festival at Bishan Park, children did a cute dance to "Supercalifragilisticexplialidocious".

The boys looked really cute and smart with their red bow tie and suspender.
NEA Environmental Dance Competition

 We participated in the NEA Environmental Dance Competition in 2012 depicting the need to conserve our natural resources. 

All the props such as the leaf hat, leaf gloves, tree trunk were painted and made together with children.
HSK Chinese Language Competition

In 2012, the kindergarten children won the 3rd Prize in the HSK Chinese Language Competition. 

They did well at the Chinese Proficiency Test and showing off their talent in "DIzigui" (弟子规)Poem Recital.
Safer Roads @ AMK Begin
with Me 2016

Art Contribution by Amelia Ann Teo where she drew her whole family of 4 using the overhead pedestrian crossing outside her HDB apartment.

That's the way to keep us safe when crossing the road.
Chinese Bamboo Painting
for MP Mr Ang Hin Kee

In 2013, MP Mr Ang Hin Kee visited the school and the Kindergarten children presented him with a Chinese Bamboo Painting done by them.
Christopher Mills
@ Compass Point

Christopher Mills, 
4 years old played the 
Chris Ode To Joy 
on the keyboard a
Compass Point in 2015,
barely a year after learning how to play the keyboard. 

Keep up the good work, Christopher!

MOE Outstanding MTL Teacher's Award

In 2016, Smart Kids Educare nominated Chai Ruijuan for the MOE Outstanding MTL Teacher's Award.

This is an acknowledgement of her hard work to make the complicated Chinese Language lessons interesting for the kids.

Istana On-The-Spot Art Competition

 6-year old Elizabeth Choo won the Special Award awarded by Dr Tony Tan, the President of Singapore at the Istana On-The-Spot Art Competition  in 2015. 

The theme was "Once Upon This Island" and she drew the labour of the Samsui Woman, the Trishaw Rider and Bumboats in the early days of Singapore River.
RWS Recycling Art Competition

4-year old Shane won a special award at the RWS Recycling Art Competition in 2016. 

He created a Jelly Fish sculpture for "Our Favourite Ocean Friends".  His jellyfish was made using recycled round food container wrapped within painted plastic bags stick on with a pair of jiggly eyes, they definitely looked adorable.
Got Talent

In 2012 One-CSS Got Talent Competition, our students won the 3rd Prize for the Anti-Dengue skit and dance. 

The skit was about a ballerina trying her best to get rid of mosquito flying around her.  She went off only to come back with a can of insecticide to solve her problem.

An all-time favourite dance item had gotten an award too!
Project Box City 

During the ECDA Childcare Conference 2014 featuring the "Project Box City Exhibition", both of our projects: the miniature models of the Art Science Museum and the Supertree Grove at Gardens By The Bay were selected for display at the conference exhibition hall at the Expo Atria.
"Trees of the World"
Botanical Garden

We adopted and decorated a tree for Christmas at the 'Trees of the World" event at Botanical Garden in 2012. 

We made decoration sticks with pictures hand drawn and coloured by children, then shrink them to look like postage stamps.

On the day of decoration, children proudly adorned our adopted tree with their beautiful art pieces.

Smart Kids Educare 
Dance Teams

Smart Kids Educare Dance Teams performed to "Happy" by William Pharrell and "Better when I'm Dancing" by Meghan Trainor during the year-end concert at 
St. Vincent De Paul Church. 

The kids did a fabulous job executing the relatively complicated dance move choreographed by a professional dancer, Mr. 

Safer Roads @ AMK Begin with Me 2015

Julia Heng drew about what cyclist can do to keep themselves safe on the road by wearing the full safety gear such as helmet, bicycle lighting, reflectors and to stay on the cyclist track. 

Her art work was selected and made into postcards and tissue bags for distribution to residents of Ang Mo Kio-Seletar to raise safety awareness for cyclist on the road.

Children are curious and inquisitive, so we let children do what comes naturally: play.

This allow children to explore and learn about things around them and to figure out how things work — all in the name of fun. 

As they play, they explore, they learn.
We talk with children on a wide range of topics such as nature, science, countries, culture, sports, art, music, songs, cooking, stories etc. 

We also give  them opportunity to express their thoughts and feelings that develop both their critical thinking skills and 
communication skills.
In line with one of our core values ‘Culture of Excellence’,

we encourage children to excel by
giving their best personal effort in all that they do - 

during play, or
working on a task or 
participating in activities.
"An investment in Knowledge pays the best dividends"
~ Benjamin Franklin ~
2-Year Old 
High Frequency Words 
Watch how 2-year old Isaac reading the English High Frequency Words!
2-Year Old 
Chinese Ancient Poem
Watch how 2-year old Victor reading the Chinese Ancient Poem
4-Year Old 
Reading Chinese Fluently
Watch how 4-year old Emeline reading the Chinese New Year Greeting cards 春联贺词 all by herself!
5-Year Old 
Reading English 
Watch 5-Year Old Jaeden Read Fluently & Independently To His Younger Peers... From A Random Information Book He Chose From The Junior Section Of The Library!
5-Year Old 
Reading Chinese Fluently
Watch how 5-year old Williams, rearranging the Chinese word cards all by himself after reading the passage, is able to read them fluently & confidently!
Our Award-Winning Skit @ KidsSTOP Show n Tell 2016
Watch how our Kindergarten children
won First Prize at the KidsSTOP Show n Tell 2016 competition
Our Kindergarten "Happy" Dance
Watch how our Kindergarten children
dance at their graduation concert.
Our Children Learn about Social Dance
Watch how our children
3-6 years old dance with partners at graduation concert.
Our Mid-Autumn Dance Performance @ Selaseh Park 
Watch how our Little Children (2 to 6 years old) put up a wonderful Chinese Dance for the Mid-Autumn Festival.
Our Anti-Dengue Dance Performance @ NEA Roadshow 
Watch how our Little Children (2 to 6 years old) put up a wonderful Dance for the NEA Roadshow.
MOE MTL Outstanding Teacher's Award
Watch the presentation of outstanding teacher's award to Chai Ruijuan Laoshi at Suntec City Exhibition Hall. 
Ning En Speaking Confidently On A Big Stage
Watch how our Ning En speaking confidently before a large crowd in Suntec City Exhibition Hall. 
4-year old Christopher Playing The Piano. 
Watch how our Christopher playing 
'Chris Ode To Joy' on the piano confidently in the Public Space.
4-year old Lucas Playing The Piano. 
Watch Lucas sends a wonderful Lunar New Year greeting through his piano recital
'Gong Xi Gong Xi' 
9 Jalan Jarak Singapore 809173. 

Tel: 6556 4056  Hp: 9721 8927